June 15


So Matt, Tom and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being here in Vancouver on Saturday. Yes, I probably celebrated more than Tom or Matt did but that is beside the point. We had a great little party at our house with all the new and old friends we've made here in Vancouver. We drank, stuffed our faces, swore excessively and kept our neighbours awake until 3am. It was a good night.

Aside from that not too much is new and exciting. Here's a quick run down of anything in my life that is remotely interesting, in point form of course:
  1. I missed David Sedaris give a reading at the CBC last week. This made me sad but seeing as I was deathly ill with what I am sure was the swine flu, there really wasn't much I could do about it.
  2. I rode my scooter around the alley way yesterday. It was SO MUCH FUN! I still have to get the transfer papers filed and buy some insurance before I can ride it around for real.
  3. I sprained my wrist last week while taking a sick day. Yes, I fell down the basement stairs. My wrist swelled up and had to be wrapped. It's funny because my dad is worried about me riding around on my scooter when really he should be more worried about me walking up and down my own stairs.
  4. I'm going to see Au Revoir Simone on Wednesday. They are one of my most favorites, so I am very excited and will most likely spend too much money at the merchandise table.
  5. Matt is working in the Okanagan Valley this week. I miss him.
Ok guys! That's it for now.


June 6

matt got me a present.

It actually used to belong to our friend Tyler, who is moving to the island. He gave it to Matt because it didn't work. But now it does.

I'm going to buy a black helmet and drive around Vancouver on it. Don't worry Mom, I'll be careful.



June 1

tom is writing you a letter.
  1. I'm listening to Tanya Davis. She makes me make happy face. I heart her music. And you should too.
  2. I'm about to be a real adult and do my finances. I've been afraid to sit down and do them for a while but I'm much more afraid of ending up like people in the TV show, Til Debt Do Us Part. That show gives me nightmares.
  3. My friend Tyler is over and he is playing his viola.
  5. I want to go and see Dog Day and Julie Doiron play on June 14th. (For those who aren't aware, there's an east coast theme here).
  6. I'm in homesickness rehab. Starting after June 14th.


May 24

lunch break

I swear this blog isn't dead yet; unfortunately, I have other things I have to work on. You know how it is.

In the mean time, follow me on flickr.

Ciao for now.


April 18

too tired for text.

April 4

tom can sometimes be be a reluctant model.
  1. The front garden is mostly finished. Nic did most of the work today but I did get to bike home from the garden centre with newly purchased pansies in my bike basket, which pleased me to no end.
  2. My bike, Lucy, is getting new handlebars this weekend. She's going to be so sexy. I just have to find some awesome handlebar tape, because the fluorescent pink tape she had before will be hard to replace.
  3. I cleaned my oven. It doesn't smoke now when you turn it on.
  4. I got a giant blackberry thorn stuck in my thumb today. I won't lie, for a minute there I feared for my poor thumb's life.
  5. Tom and I walked to the lake and shared a pumpkin bran muffin from the bakery. We both agreed it was a delicious muffin.


March 31

vancouver on my lunch break.